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last night i had the strangest dream...i sailed away to china/

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Writer's Block: Close Call
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?
Why, that would be the time that I slipped in the shower. It was two years ago - that evening was to be my first work Christmas party, so I remember that it was a Saturday in November. I slipped and hit my face on the corner of the bathroom hand basin. I still have a scar on my face between my temple and my eyeball. What luck! "What divine providence! (that you should survive as well as mey-ay-eeee..." - thankyou, Decembrists). If I'd hit my temple or my eyeball - what?! death or blindness, I should think. But nothing can I show for that slip except a sweet little scar and gratitude for the cosmos or the little distance that prevented disaster.

Meanwhile! I've been super slack and all tied up with working really hard then sleeping really hard, and having some nice, loving, beautiful sex with a moustachioed-Anais Nin-loving sensualist, and not finding any time to blog properly or text or call or write my dear friends. Well! I write, but I can never find time to bolt to the post office to send what I scrawl on the train heading in to work. Balls. Petty excuses.

Been listening to Adam and Joe, and saw Star Trek the uvva day wiv Andy - and it was WELL BRILLIANT. I am totally crushing on Spock and the whole bally brilliant film. Overwhelming, but bloody funny and witty, a bit, and yerr - I loved it.

Seeing a room in East Brunswick tomorrow after work - it's in my second favourite suburb and is close to some very cool friends of mine plus work. Hooray! Fingers crossed, now!

Work's going swimmingly since they realised they should really challenge me so I remain keen to come in and do my thang - they've started training me up to work on the telephones. Til now I've just been on counter - processing claims, enquiries and some enrolments. I'm working with adorable, funny, sexy people - bonus. Nice to be around. The days are going very quickly though, and you'll be able to tell from the wistful "must-say-it-now, lest-I-can't-say-it-at-all" tone of this post.

Feeling excitedly grown up. I've switched from pre-paid mobile to a plan. Gee! I have legit. photo i.d now, which was a real pain in the ass while non-existant, as I don't drive (thus do not haz a drivers licence).

Anyway.  Off to try and snaffle some moar podcasts for train rides and in-between-times, and then to bed. Maybe 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie,' or I'll keep reading "Making History."

Do please tell me how you're doing, if you want to. I hope you've all been well while I've been away and slack on lj.

Big love

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i apologise for using sarcastic nicky icon, but...she returns! she returns!
hehe just kidding (does anyone say that anymore? its all 'jks/' now...) but yes, your exciting life is brimming with awesomeness (its early, shuddup) and in short, there is no problem if you have no time. :)
love and tonnes more; xxxxx

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