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last night i had the strangest dream...i sailed away to china/

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By gosh, it's been a while between drinks. Is anybody there?

Since the last entry I have:

Discovered the wonder of Doctor Who, old and (especially) new. Also, Torchwood, Peep Show, That Mitchell and Web Look and Black Adder.

Lived in 2 different places, Hawthorn and Brunswick. In Hawthorn, Luke would visit, and things were nice. A little bit of the green stuff was not uncommon. With wicked Blu-ray movies.

Brunswick was gorgeous, with fabulous company and well wicked parties and guests. Then it wasn't.

Back in Reservoir now til April. Then, who knows?

I started a Sociology major, had a major break-up/down, lost some friends and made some, relearned the beauty of a bass guitar and changed my mind about University. Have smoked about a million cigarettes and finally got used to the taste of cheap beer.

Mum just turned 45. I'll be 21 in August.

Still doodling here:



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