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last night i had the strangest dream...i sailed away to china/

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Just past five pm in Melbourne town.
Happily picked up my layby from NOVO this morning, beautiful two-tone brogues (cream and brown). LOVE THEM.

Woke surprisingly early, so trained it to the city. Will set out towards Flemington shortly to visit Loki. We met last year. Alex's birthday party (a smashing affair) at Madame Brussels headed to The Waiters Club in a nearby laneway, then to Clifton Hill, where Beatles Rockband was played and enjoyed by a dazzlingly drunk bunch of lovelies. That's where I met Loki. I told him I adored his shoes. Gorgeous red leather, cuban heel. So suave.
We started hanging out shortly after. Intermittently, we shag, but mostly we play the guitar, learn National songs together and play Star Command.

Visited the Order of Melbourne, climbing five flights of stairs for two enormous gin & tonics. Six cigarettes, Black Keys playing from speakers on the rooftop bar. Noice.

Over and out xx


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